Special Offer: Total Refund When buying/selling a project.

Get a refund for the price paid for the “Workbook Renewable Energy Romania”

We developed the Workbook in order to provide Investors and Developers a hands-on guide for developing and the acquisition of a renewable energy project in Romania. We believe that the workbook contributes to having better projects and more successful sales as the workbook provides all specialists involved a comprehensive overview of the permitting process in Romania. It is the only complete single source that exists at this moment on the market for finding out what it takes to develop, acquire and operate a renewable energy plant in Romania.

Good projects sell.

As we as broker also benefit from having good projects in our portfolio we want to reward our clients and developers when a successful transaction takes place. We therefore will refund the costs of your Workbook when we sell the project.


When you purchase a project through RESbroker International then we refund the price you paid when you bought the “Workbook Renewable Energy Romania”.

Purchase <5MW and receive a 50% refund

Purchase a project >= 5MW and receive a full refund


When we sell your project then we pay you back the price that you paid when you bought the Workbook.

We sell your <5MW project and you receive a 50% refund

We sell your >= 5MW project and receive a full refund


1. The project is sold through RESbroker .

2. A successful sales transaction took place.

3. The buyer of the workbook requests the refund by a scan send by email of the signed request on company paper with the serial number of the Workbook copy mentioned in the request.

3. When the brokering fee is paid in parts, then the refund takes place after our last invoice for the relevant transaction is paid.

4. The refund is paid into the account indicated on the refund request of the buyer of the workbook after the receipt of our last commission payment.

5. The refund is valid for Workbook purchases from 1-5-2012 to 1-9-2012

6. The total refund will never exceed the price actually paid for your copy of the Workbook.

7. On one serial number (copy) of the workbook only one refund will be given

8. If the registered reader first purchases/sells a project <5 MW, elegible for a  50% refund, and then afterwards another project, then a total refund will be granted after the last commission payment has been received by RESbroker International.

Our Terms Of Business Apply: