LAMAR Company together with its local partners secures land rights, measures and analyses wind resources, designs wind farms, obtains planning consents, selects and procures turbines and other necessary equipment, studies the environmental impact of potential sites, signs long-term sales contracts for the electricity output, and accomplishes all the other tasks which lead to the creation of successful wind farms.

Lamar Company is currently developing a proprietary wind project portfolio with a projected total capacity of over 1000 MW in the South East of Europe.

Project Brokering

We also act as Broker for a number of projects in Europe, Asia and South America.

These promising emerging markets present characteristics and conditions that are favourable for wind energy generation, especially the Black Sea coastal region of Europe where some of the best wind conditions are found. Lamar’s portfolio contains a number of  wind farms that are fully licensed and ready to construct. The Black Sea portfolio is permanently under development therefore come back now and then to see the changes to our portfolio.