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Lamar Company publishes “Workbook Renewable Energy Romania”


Bucharest, May 2nd, 2012 —

With so many renewable energy projects offered today on the Romanian Market and even more investors looking to invest in them, the key-question is: “Are all the projects that are for sale fully permitted”?

More and more new developers of renewable energy projects enter the Romanian market, developing projects for Wind, Solar and Hydro Energy. Since the new LAW 220 is in place from November 2012, Electricity generated with Wind Generators pays 2 green certificates and Solar even 6 certificates. Sold at 57,35 EURO each, the total revenues for a MWh is 166,70 EURO . This includes the incomes from electricity sales (52 EURO/MWh ANRE average). So no wonder that so many people start to develop new projects. But does everyone know what it takes to develop such a project? The truth is that out of the 690 MWp of Solar projects that have an approval to connect (ATR) or Connection Contract (CR) only maybe a 100MWp is really ready for construction. The rest has been developed without all the necessary permits in place.

The main reason for this are that no one seems to know what permits you need to develop RES in Romania and therefore that many projects receive an ATR or CR without having all the permits. Moreover, the different authorities involved seem to accept incomplete projects for different reasons. The danger for investors is that once construction starts, the State Inspectorate for Construction (ISC) will come and starts checking the project documentation, with the chance that the construction needs to be halted in order to obtain the missing permits.

With the Workbook Renewable Energy Romania developers ánd investors now know exactly what permits there are and which need to be obtained. The Workbook describes over 80 different permits and approvals for Wind, Solar and Hydro energy. It explains in detail the development process and the documents needed for each permit. Moreover is comes with a set of helpful tools such as a Project Time Line Sheet, IRR Calculation Sheet. Completed with maps, charts and tables it is a comprehensive source of information for everyone working in the field of Renewable Energy in Romania.

The Workbook is written by Markus J.B. Vrieling, the Dutch President of RESbroker International N.V. the Premier Brokering Firm in Renewable Energy Projects in Europe. Markus is also the author of the report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania” (2010) and is a frequent speaker at seminars and fora such as the Green Power Events in Bucharest. He is specialized in Renewable Energy Sources and lives in Romania for over a decade. The book is published by Lamar Company, a subsidiary of RESbroker.

Title:  “Workbook Renewable Energy Romania
ISBN:  978-90-819211-0-7
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Release: May 2012
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