Just Released: Workbook Renewable Energy Romania

How to develop, acquire and operate a renewable energy plant in Romania.

Amsterdam, 1st May 2012

Lamar Company released the Workbook Renewable Energy Romania. The workbook is now available under ISBN number: 978-90-819211-0-7

The Workbook Renewable Energy Romania contains a treasure of information for developers of and investors in Renewable Energy Projects in Romania.

It describes more than 83 different permits, approvals and documents needed for establishing a renewable energy plant in Romania.

The primary focus is on the three main Renewable Energy Sources:

  • Wind Power (Wind Farms)
  • Solar Power (Photovoltaic Energy)
  • Hydro Power (Hydro Electricity)

The workbook describes the entire development process, explains all the permits and comes with a number of examples. Moreover it discusses the LAW 220 on Energy that was approved in july 2012 and in force from the 1st of November 2012. The workbook explains the Green Certificates Promotion Scheme and provides hand-on information to investors about acquisition and operating a Clean Energy Power Plant.

Original text of laws, regulations and translations in English provide an inside view to the rather complicated development process to anyone that is professionally involved in the Renewable Energy Business.

Registered readers get access to the RESbroker Document Reposity and have access to many additional documents, including spreadsheets for calculating IRR, instructions for business plans, request forms and last but not least a Microsoft Project Sheet with all the steps of the development process.

The workbook costs 1995.- EURO and is only available as an electronic document. The reader can print a copy for his own use.

Title: Workbook Renewable Energy Romania

Sub Title: How to develop, acquire and operate a renewable energy plant in Romania

ISBN: 978-90-819211-0-7

Webpage: http://wp.me/sXuz9-132

Pages: 468*

Media: electronic; PDF-file Also available on DVD

Author: Markus J.B. Vrieling, CEO of RESBroker International N.V.

Publisher: Lamar Company


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