Because you can’t tell investors that you did not know…

Investors nightmare: Wind Farm Construction Halted

It took us almost two years to write it and we are permanently working to complete and update when new information comes in.

“Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania”

“Investing In Photovoltaic Power in Romania”

“Workbook Renewable Energy volume I, Wind Energy”

Each of the books have a different approach. Where the report describes the Romanian market, the grid and the barriers to wind, the Workbook describes the development of wind farms from a practical point of view.

Our readers?

Investors, Wind Generator Producers, Consultants, Developers, Bankers, Distributors, Authorities….

WHY? “Because they can’t tell investors that they did not know…”

All registered readers are receiving free updates* for both the workbook and the report.

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* The first 6 months after purchase updates are provided for free. After that readers can buy a 1 year update service at 795,- for the report or workbook and at 995,- for receiving both.

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