What is NEW in the November Release of the industry report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania”

The November release of the industry report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania” will have the following new and revised chapters:

1. The chapter on the RPS (Romanian Power System) or GRID has been extended. The interconnection with surrounding countries has been added as it is considered important for developers and investors to knowing what possibilities there are to selling electricity and moreover how the electricity can be evacuated, transported and – if the case – exported.

2. The Green Certificates continue to be an item about which new information comes available almost every month. The November release therefore contains more information about the future of GC’s in Romania. Especially the Pricing and the Quota system are discussed in more detail.

3. The barriers; The latest information and the latest events such as: “ENEL blocked the development of a 40MW wind farm of Electrica in Dobrogea”. The barriers are even better defined and grouped than in the previous releases.

Exclusive Previews:

Previews of charts that will be used during the presentation at:

Wind Power Romania 2011


And much more….

‘All you need to know when developing a wind farm in Romania’

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