Workbook Renewable Energy Romania 2013

Title: Work Book Renewable Energy Romania

Sub Title: How to Acquire, build and operate a renewable energy project in Romania

ISBN:  978-90-819211-0-7

Publisher: LAMAR Company

Author: Markus J.B. Vrieling, CEO at RESbroker International N.V.

Pages: Approx. 500 pages

Release Date:

First release: 1 st May 2012

Latest release: 1st of February 2013

Latest Version: Version 2.2 Rel. 116, November 15th 2012

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This workbook is especially useful for developers, consultants and investors of renewable energy projects in Romania and provides a complete overview of all the laws and regulations regarding renewable energy in Romania. Moreover it provides a comprehensive overview of all the documents, approvals, permits and reports needed to developing a renewable energy project. Over 130 different documents are discussed in detail together with all the requirements for each document that may differ from district to district. Moreover the workbook comes with a project planning TEMPLATE (MS-Project) entailing all the different steps in a renewable energy project as well as a calculation spreadsheet (MS-Excel) for the calculation of potential revenues of the project. A complete list of all the references to the applicable laws and regulations is provided. The Workbook is written in English and all the documentation and examples are translated as well, making it fully understandable for any foreign developer of investor.

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Author MARKUS Vrieling is CEO of RESBroker International and Senior Partner  at LAMAR Company. His years of experience on the Romanian market and his expertise in European Funding together with his knowledge about the implementation of New Technologies in Eastern Europe contributes to the quality of the Workbook. In this Workbook he shares valuable information and experiences about the Romanian Market for RES Development with his audience.Click on the image above to download the brochure

The workbook  will be available from the 1st of February 2013

INCLUDES 2 HRS Free Consulting based on the content of the Workbook.

Volume One: 1995,- EURO excl. VAT.

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Important Note:
The content and number of pages as well as the date of publication may change without prior notice. The final content will be available at the moment of issuing. LAMAR Company and the author cannot and will not accept any liability for the correctness of the data in the Report. The publisher nor the Author are not responsible for any financial damages as a result of use in anyway of the information provided in the report.


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