“Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania”

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Report Title: “Perspectives of investing in wind energy in Romania”

Publisher: LAMAR Company

Author: Markus J.B. Vrieling, CEO at LAMAR Company

Pages: 160*

Publishing Date: 1st August 2010

Updates: Every 1-2 Months* (included)

* Latest updated version 2.11: 01-07-2011

The main barriers that are slowing down the development of the wind power energy sector in Romania are the legislative framework, the limits set up by Transelectrica for connection to the grid, the poor quality of land registration and ambigious landownership as well as the bureaucracy.

Despite a wind potential of over 14.000 MW of wind power in Romania that attracts investors and developers from all over the world, the practice at this moment is different.

Ultimo 2009 there was only 14 MW installed but in June 2011 that was already 600 Mw.  With the new version of the Law 220 approved on the 13th of August 2010, the  secondary laws and regulations will be in place any moment now providing 2 Green Certificates for each Mwh generated with Wind Power.

“Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania” describes the Romanian Market for the construction and operation of Wind Farms anno 2011.

The reports explains the Day Ahead Market, the incentives scheme for Green Energy in the new version of Law 220, discusses problems and solutions with the development of wind farms in Romania and contains valuable recommendations for both developers and investors.



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Author MARKUS Vrieling is  CEO of LAMAR Company. His years of experience on the Romanian market and his expertise in European Funding and the implementation of New Technologies in Eastern Europe contributed to the quality of the report. In this report he shares valuable information and experiences about the Romanian Market for Wind Development with his audience.

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