Lamar Company Wind Farm Development South East Europe

Lamar Company is a Wind Farm Development company that develops Wind Energy Projects in the South East Europe.

Lamar usually steps into a potential wind project during negotiations with land owners. The Company’s objective is to enter into wind permitting at this early phase and to add value to the process in the form of making projects bankable for the capital markets.

The main objective is to dispose of projects when a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) is obtained, when bankability is reached or when construction is under way, in order to maximise returns for shareholders. This is achieved through the combination of four key components:

  • Strong commitment to project finance: Lamar is experienced in capital raising and structuring debt for energy projects, seeking grants and implementing fiscal optimisation mechanisms.
  • Knowledge and experience in navigating regulations in emerging markets with regard to planning permits, impact studies, environmental studies, grid connection, public enquiries and environmental studies through local presence.
  • Technical expertise: Lamar has been involved in the wind project development life cycle from the coordination of installation of wind measurement masts through to EPC procurement, construction and plant commissioning.
  • “Wind investor’s outlook”: From early on in the development process Lamar has the objective of delivering projects that will withstand rigorous assessment from future buyers and lending institutions. Lamar’s strategy encompasses the origination and delivery of projects that combine three key criteria:
    • Choice of the best wind/grid resource sites,
    • Minimisation of potential environmental issues and
    • Simplification of technical execution.

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